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Work-Study Volunteer

Similar to Voluntourists, Work-Study volunteers support IHF's work on the local level. However, Work-Study volunteers achieve deeper connections within the communities due to their higher level of involvement in local tasks. Work-Study volunteers also support IHF on the international level, where they can see how an international NGO functions through working in online teams.

This opportunity allows for a wealth of personal and professional skills to be gained. Work-Study volunteers work in teams characterized by workforce diversity and they often operate in highly contextual work environments. Skills fostered and gained include, but are in no ways limited to, cultural intelligence, intercultural communication, and experience working in remotely-managed teams that are driven by direct results. Work-Study volunteers learn to optimize situations and outcomes with limited resources. Just like our IHF children, Work-Study volunteers learn to make the most out of what they are given through applying creative, critical thinking.

You will be expected to dedicate at least four hours per day to local tasks. These tasks may include, but are not limited to, teaching, child-care, organizing special projects or helping with center duties. Also you will need to dedicate at least four hours per day to international tasks (online/computer work), for example in international teams such as Media and Volunteer Recruitment.

Cost: The weekly fee for Work-Study volunteers is USD 75.

Must apply at least: 4 weeks before arriving

Minimum/Maximum stay: 4 weeks (fixed)

Minimum age: 18 years old