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Learning is the driving force behind our Voluntourist program. Voluntourists embark on a cultural journey where they are immersed in the local realities of our communities. Voluntourists assist in tasks such as providing care or education to the IHF children, but voluntourists quickly find out that there is a lot they can learn in return from the children. The most important aspect of a Voluntourist's work is to build up the confidence of the children - that the universal, healing outgrowths of love are enough to triumph over the debilitating effects of poverty.

This opportunity allows for a wealth of personal and professional skills to be gained. These skills include, but are in no ways limited to, cultural intelligence and intercultural communications. Voluntourists work in teams characterized by workforce diversity and they often operate in highly contextual work environments. Voluntourists learn to think, react and adapt quickly to new cultural knowledge and unfamiliar situations.

Your role at the center will involve spending around four hours per day on local tasks. These tasks may include, but are not limited to, teaching, child-care, organizing special projects or helping with center duties.  

Cost: The weekly fee for Voluntourists is USD 150; the weekly fee for married couples is USD 200 (Please inquire about vacancy as it subjects to availability at the centers. Only applies to centers with rooms with a king-sized bed. Only married couples and immediate family will be allowed to room together due to cultural codes). The weekly fee for children under 16 coming with their families is USD 75. The weekly fees for individuals are to cover the costs for their accommodation and food at center.

Must apply at least: 2 weeks before arriving

Minimum stay: 2 weeks minimum

Minimum age: 16 years old (except for children accompanied by parents, in which case the minimum age is 5 years old). All applicants under the age of 18 will need to have a parent sign a permission form.