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Long-Term Work-Study Volunteer

Long-Term Work-Study volunteers complete the same work that Work-Study volunteers complete. However, Long-Term Work-Study volunteers are actively involved with their respective center's operations. In their online teams, they are able to implement and contribute to long-term projects that leverage their individual, unique skills.

On top of being given tasks that contain higher work complexities and responsibilities, Long-Term Work-Study volunteers assist IHF staff in leading the shorter-term volunteers at their centers. Leadership that is focused on the well-being of others, as opposed to the self, is nurtured in this environment. Long-Term Work-Study volunteers learn and work with different national and work cultures from around the world. It is an incredible, enriching experience as volunteers develop and accumulate a multitude of skills, in addition to memories.

This program is similar to the regular Work-Study. However, the volunteers take on more responsibilities and leadership at the centers and assigned tasks. This position is only available at our centers in Bali and Kenya.

Cost: Work-Study volunteers pay USD 75 per week for the first four weeks. $55 from the 5th week on.

Must apply at least: 8 weeks before arriving

Minimum/Maximum stay: 8-24 weeks

Minimum age: 21 years old