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Information about IHF Volunteer programs

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with the International Humanity Foundation. We sincerely appreciate your interest in becoming a volunteer with us. We have 4 types of volunteer programs at our 5 IHF centers:

Centers in Indonesia: Located in Bali, Jakarta and Medan

Center in Thailand: Located in Chiang Rai

Center in Kenya: Located in Nakuru

Please find some information below regarding our programs:


Your role at the center will involve spending around four hours per day on local tasks. These tasks may include (but not limited to) teaching, child-care, organizing special projects or helping with center duties.  

Cost:  Weekly fee for Voluntourist is USD 150; Weekly fee for married couples is USD 200 ( Please inquire about vacancy as it subjects to availability at the centers, only applies to centers with rooms with king-sized bed, only married couples and immediate family will be allowed to room together due to cultural codes). Weekly fee for children under 16 coming with their families is USD 75. The weekly fees for individuals are to cover the costs for their accommodation and food at center.

Must apply at least: 2 weeks before arriving.

Minimum stay: 2 weeks minimum

Minimum age:  16 year old (except for children accompanied by parents, in which case there minimum age 5 years old).  All applicants under the age of 18 will need to sign a parent permission form.

Work Study Volunteer:

You will be expected to dedicate at least four hours per day to local tasks. These tasks may include (but not limited to) teaching, child-care, organizing special projects or helping with center duties. Also you will need to dedicate at least four hours per day to international tasks (online/computer work. For example in international teams such as Media and Volunteer Recruitment.

Cost:  Weekly fee for Work-study volunteers is USD 75.

Must apply at least: 4 weeks before arriving.

Minimum/Maximum stay: 4 weeks (Fixed)

Minimum age: 18 years old

Long term Work Study Volunteer:

This program is the same as Work Study Volunteer. However, the volunteers take on more responsibilities and leadership at the Centers and assigned tasks. This position is only available in our Bali and Kenya Centers.

Cost: Work-study volunteers pay USD 75 per week for the first four weeks. $55 from their 5th week on.

Must apply at least: 8 weeks before arriving.

Minimum/Maximum stay: 12-24 weeks

Minimum age: 21 years old

Local volunteer((only available at our Indonesian Centers):

Your role will be dependent on centers’ needs. Most likely you will be teaching Maths or Computer classes in local language. You will be contacted for an on-site interview with co-directors at center if you are shortlisted.

Cost: No fees

Minimum commitment: 6 months preferred.

Minimum age: 18 years old.

Other important information

  1. Application steps. The application for all our centers is ongoing throughout the year. In order to secure a place in one of our centers, you will have to read and sign four documents (Photo Agreement, MOU, Waiver of Liability and Acceptance of position form), as well as pay a deposit of USD 75, which will go toward the payment of your stay at the center. This documents will be sent to you once we have received your references and your application has moved to the next step, in which case you will be contacted personally by email.
  2. Behaviour at the centre. As all IHF centers are either children’s homes or children’s education centers, we ask that volunteers refrain from drinking or smoking on or nearby the premises. Similarly, we ask that volunteers refrain from staying out late or returning to the center under the influence of alcohol. The communities we work with often frown upon such behaviour and it can serve to damage the relationship between each center and its local area.
  3. Leaving IHF. Upon completing the volunteering period, both voluntourists and work-study volunteers will receive an ‘IHF Certificate of Graduation’ signed by our CEO, Carol Sasaki, detailing their time at IHF, their duties and the experience they have gained.
  4. IHF doesn’t pay for your visa costs or airfare. There are no exceptions to this rule.


For more information about our volunteer programs check: Volunteer

And former and current IHF volunteer stories at: ihfblog.wordpress.com

Personal Information

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Please provide us with contact details for two references.

One reference must be a professional or academic reference (such as a former employer, colleague, or teacher) and one reference must be a personal reference who has known you for at least two years.

Please Note: family/relatives cannot be used as references.

Professional/Academic Reference

Personal Reference (2+ Years)

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