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Rahmat Hidayat

Age: 14
Location: Buitan
School: Elementary School
Orphan: No
TEP Number: IBBnTM-203

Dayat is a very shy, but he is undeniably a sweet child. He is soft-spoken and polite, and he has a gentle nature. He is known to take care of every stray cat that comes his way,and he doesn't let his mother kick them out of their house! Dayat lives a stone's throw away from the center, and so he is a familiar face here. In addition to great class performance, Dayat has stellar attendance and he always attends the special workshops the center hosts! Dayat is a pleasure to have in the classroom; he readily helps his classmates and his teachers. He gets along with everyone, and all of our international volunteers love to spend time with him because he is so easy going. They love to do puzzles, listen to music, and draw with him. Dayat has a special love for drawing, and his favorite thing to draw are Pokemon!

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Program: TEP
Type: Child
Location: Buitan