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Putri Lestari

Age: 23
Location: Medan
School: University
Orphan: No
TEP Number: ISMnTF-1102

Putri Lestari was born on 2nd November 1996 in Medan. She is the only child and lives with her father and mother in Medan. She started studying at IHF Medan when she was in sixth grade in Elementary school. She came to the center twice a week to study English and Math. Her favourite subject is English and she liked practicing her spoken English with her friends at the center. She is grateful for all the volunteers who came to the center from abroad as they helped her learn the language better. When she was in SMA, she underwent vocational training and studied Computer. The more she learnt, the more she liked the subject. She also studied Computer at IHF Medan center and after completing the course started teaching students Computer at the center. Initially, she found it difficult to teach as her students were older than her but she always put in effort and planned all her lessons well. She is still teaching Computer at the center. At the same time, she has started studying Management Economics at STIE AI Hikmah University. She is in the first semester and is happy with the course. She intends to become an entrepreneur and a designer in the future.

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Program: TEP
Type: Child
Location: Medan