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Muhammad Syahrul Kurniawan

Age: 16
Location: Buitan
School: Elementary School
Orphan: No
TEP Number: IBBnTM-218

Syahrul and his family are immigrants from Probolinggo, Java. He lives with his parents and two brothers. He is the middle child of a family of 3 boys. His father is an antique furniture repairman. His mother does not work. The family lives in a room, which has been converted into a bedroom/living room/dining room combination. The rest of the building is used for storage for his father's employers business. Syahrul is a very calm and somewhat shy boy. He enjoys attending classes here at the center, where he is very consistent in his studies. Syahrul is in Class 3 of Primary School. His grades are excellent. His favorite subject is English. When he grows up, Syahrul wants to become a teacher. His favorite hobby is drawing and enjoys playing football.

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Program: TEP
Type: Child
Location: Buitan