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Location: Banda Aceh

Although this class is dominated with female students, yet the male students always feel comfortable being surrounded with those girls. This is just like the "Genggong" instrument which could stand out amongst other instruments. "Genggong" itself is a a bamboo jaw harp found in Bali, Indonesia. This are tension harp and difficult to play at the speeds normally found in Bali. The instrument is played in complex rhythmic patterns, which produces a very intricate and exciting effect. Usually players hold either a piece of palm or banana leaf beside their mouth when playing to act as resonator. Below are the names of the students: Lina Susanti Yunita Tri Lestari Asnida Nur Jayanti Desy Ratnasari Lisna Sri Setiani Yustin Indri Komala S Firda Dwi Juwita Dwi Kartika Sari Rina Fitriani Izma Hidayathi Bobby Fina Rensa Tajuba Not Present: Uswatun Hasanah Adelina Indri Syafitri Eka Sri Rahayu Nurfadilah Noviyanti Erwin Septa Lufiana Febriansyah N Dwi Ayu Sri Maryani

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Program: CLS
Type: Class
Location: Banda Aceh