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Ezra Naomi Pardosi

Age: 10
Location: Medan
School: Elementary School
Orphan: No
TEP Number: ISMnTF-204

Ezra is the younger sister of Kiel. Their father passed away in April 2012. Ezra is a smart girl, she always ranks in the top three in her class. Ezra is living with her grandfather , grandmother and in a small house with three rooms in the suburbs of Medan. Her mother is working as a sales marketing for Yakult and gets a salary of 700.000 IDR / month. She sends the money to her children every month for their living cost and for buying their school items. Sometimes, she is able to send them only a small amount of money and Ezra ans Kiel's grandparents hep them to take care of the living cost. Ezra meets her mother once in a year. She misses her mother a lot but she can not do much as her mother lives far away from her.

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Program: TEP
Type: Child
Location: Medan