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Ayu Yuli Eka Pratiwi

Age: 25
Location: Jakarta
School: High School
Orphan: Yes
TEP Number: IJJkOF-5

Ayu had lived with her mother, father and two brothers in a slum area in very poor conditions. Ayu’s mother passed away in 2002 and her father abandoned the children. Relatives “stepped in” and took the children…Ayu went to live with an uncle and her brothers went to live with an aunt. Ayu’s uncle was very poor and could not take on the care of Ayu, so she went to live with her grandmother, who was also quite poor and living in equally poor conditions. She lived with her grandmother in a room that was no more than 2 x 2 meters and constructed of rotting wood. Ayu would sell food in the village to help her and her grandmother survive. It was not enough and they regularly relied on help from the neighbors, who would give them food and, sometimes, a place to sleep. The two of them lived day-to-day not knowing what the future would bring. Although Ayu faced these hardships, they did not discourage her. In fact, now, Ayu is one of our most enthusiastic students, as she has a true spirit for learning and a desire to improve her life circumstances. Ayu's desire to study and improve her life stems from her love for her two brothers and her wish to take care of them. IHF is working hard to help her achieve her dream of becoming a Math Teacher. She wakes up every morning enthusiastic for the school day, always helps with keeping the house clean and the food prepared, all the staff and children love her spirit and her belief in our philosophy "pass it on". Ayu is in her third year of Senior High School. Her favorite subject is English. She hopes to become a math teacher. She enjoys reading and drawing.

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Program: TEP
Type: Child
Location: Jakarta