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Anak Agung Yunika Sartika Putri

Age: 12
Location: Buitan
School: Elementary School
Orphan: No
TEP Number: IBBnTF-99

Gung Gek has been a part of our center since she was in SD1. Her attendance is impeccable. She comes by with her younger brother even when she doesn’t have classes, so that she can wander around and pick up little bits of new knowledge from what’s happening in different classes. If she’s not in the classroom you can find her outside playing hide-and- seek with her friends or drawing something. Gung Gek is very smart and ambitious. She loves when her drawings are put on the wall and she always tries to find a way to get them up there. She's an all-around great student, both at school and at the center. And she always has a smile to share and a helping hand for her classmates when they don't know how to do their class work.

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Program: TEP
Type: Child
Location: Buitan