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IHF is an all-volunteer organization, with all long-term and short-term volunteers paying their own airfares and other personal costs. IHF also owns its own buildings, which were bought by Carol Sasaki and her friends. Due to this, IHF has very few administrative costs. All of our sponsors’ generous contributions go directly to the projects, none to expenses such as advertising, large salaries, eating out, fancy conferences or anything similar. Money donated for the children or classes in need of help is simply used for that purpose and that purpose only. The ongoing costs of the centers and programs are funded by other means like the volunteers’ fees and general donations for that purpose. To use funds granted by many normal, everyday people from all religions, backgrounds, and cultures around the world for anything but basic needs would be unfair to many of our donors and sponsors, and at odds with our particular mission.

IHF offers regular monthly updates to all our sponsors about their sponsored children and/or classes. You will receive more information by email once you have selected your sponsorship/s, or you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  


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