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Peace Farm

Our Nakuru Peace Farm is an extension of our home and brings together people from all surrounding Pokot tribes. It's a 6-acre land in the Rift Valley, which is the most fertile area of Kenya. Here we are planting the land and raising livestock. Our children love this land and are eager to assist in tending to it. Some of them have even asked the farmers to begin teaching them about agriculture. It's a place of peace, development and sustainability. What we reap from this land provides for our children.

The land in and around Nakuru is known for being very fertile. We are dedicating most of our acreage to a farm and vegetable garden. In addition to our staple foods of maize and beans, we have planted sweet potatoes, potatoes (known as the "Irish" variety here), cabbage, tomatoes, onions and runner beans. To supplement our vegetable crop, we also have a rabbit and chicken farm to provide essential meat protein for our growing children. Our harvest will be used to enhance the nutrition of our children, while also reducing our exposure to the fluctuating food prices of the Kenyan market. This fluctuation is caused by the uncertainty of harvest and the long periods of drought.

The farm initiative is also a very important part of the children's education - teaching them values and skills, which they need to maintain their Pokot identity and to prevent a sense of rootlessness as "Pokots living in the town".

By donating to our Peace Farm project, you are contributing on a number of levels: feeding children here at our home, helping the center to become self-sufficient, and educating the children. You can be sure that your donation is going towards a project that is one of the central pillars to the success of our Nakuru center.