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IHF Safe-Home

IHF orphanages/safe-homes around the world are open to the most vulnerable and marginalized children from slum areas and nomadic/tribal villages. Many of our children are orphans that have experienced extreme poverty and have lost parents due to natural disaster, disease or abandonment because of financial hardship. At the IHF safe-homes they find a permanent family that believes strongly in preserving the values and traditions of our children's cultures and encourages them to teach it to volunteers and sponsors.

Through our child-sponsorship program, sponsors can communicate and learn about another world from a different perspective through emails facilitated by our overseas volunteers between them and their sponsored child. Volunteers that visit our orphanages/safe-homes and interact with our children learn that happiness, laughter and giggles are abundant even in the most destitute situations. We hope that this is a message they can echo to the rest of the world to remind all of us who are wrapped up in the busy modern world, to stop and enjoy the little wonders of life.

IHF prefers placing children with relatives and only accepts children into their orphanage as a last resort. When these desperate children have nowhere else to go, they become a part of our family.

The safe-homes are run as a family and never as an institution because an informal environment where children can can feel comfortable and be themselves is crucial to their integration into society. An informal and transparent environment allows all members to speak about their problems, which creates an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and learning.

The cost of bringing a child into an orphanage is USD $37.00 per month. This amount is calculated by taking the total cost for food, toiletries, housing, clothing, utilities, housemother wages and dividing it by the number of orphans housed at each center; therefore, the money that is donated for an orphan sponsorship does not go directly to an individual child, instead, the money goes towards the costs of running that child's orphanage. In sponsoring an orphan, you not only give a child a home, you give them the love and care they deserve.

Larger expenses such as medical fees are not included in the monthly cost for orphan sponsorship. For this, we rely on our medical sponsorship program, where you may sponsor a child for ongoing medical care in addition to orphan and TEP sponsorship.