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Medical Sponsorship Program

Our Medical Sponsorship Program was developed to provide the children living at our Orphanages/Safe-Homes with better medical and dental care.

As with our Orphanage/Safe-Home (ORP) and Education Program (TEP), our Medical Sponsorship Program is a sponsorship-funded project, where monthly donations go towards financing medical and dental care for the children living at our Orphanages/Safe-Homes.

The monthly donations finance the high cost of medical and dental expenses for the children. This includes regular medical and dental exams, doctor and dentist visits, prescription medications, emergency care, hospitalization, etc.

Because not every child will need this amount each month, and some may need more, the extra money goes into a Medical Fund at each center and is used when one of the children needs extra medical or dental attention. This system is similar to a medical insurance policy that can roll from child to child within a center, but that is firstly dedicated to the child sponsored. This way, there will always be enough money for the unforeseen illnesses and accidents children often have.