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Continuing Education

Our Education Program (TEP) ends for a child upon graduation from high school, leaving these impoverished teens with having to work for low wages or getting married and raising a family, as their families are not able to afford the costs to send their child to vocational school or university.

Our Continuing Education Program, or TEPU, helps to provide these teenagers the opportunity for that next step after high school - vocational training or college - so that they can break the vicious cycle of poverty.

For children living in poverty, each day is a constant struggle for survival. These children have experienced more tragedy and hardship than most will experience in a lifetime. However, through it all, they are somehow inspired to have big hopes and dreams for their futures. Although, for most, an education is just a mere dream.

Your donation to our Continuing Education Program will help turn these dreams into reality.

Our Continuing Education Program assists those children enrolled in our sponsorship programs whom have shown academic excellence and a strong desire to further their education.