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Inspiration and Secret Spaces

By: Innocent, Work-Study Nakuru

The mood at the Nakuru centre has settled down. It seems like we have become accustomed to each other.  I have settled into the lifestyle, and it almost seems like home now. From a TED Talk night, movie night, a trip to the river, and raffles, this week was filled by many events. This is due to the presence of the numerous volunteers who arrived this week. The influx of people brought with it ideas — great ideas I might add.

This week I substituted a teacher for a life skills class that the kids usually have every week. Considering that I do not have that much life skills or experience, I drew inspiration from others. I chose 3 TED talks that were pertinent to the kids’ situation. One was by Richard Turere, a young intelligent boy coming from similar contexts as the students. He found a way to use flashing lights to chase away lions from his family’s livestock in Kenya. They found this inspirational and interesting how simple ideas can contribute to the development of communities. The discussion we had was profound and deeply seeded.

Following this, the kids invited the volunteers to go see the waterfall close by where they go to swim. It was hard to say no. So we took a 15-minute hike to the river, sharing stories and taking in the green scenery. When we arrived at the waterfall it was clear why the kids came here as often as possible. The water was not clear or warm but it was an incredible playing ground. There is something about going to a river that soothes the soul; the atmosphere was calm, smiles were all around. The worst part was having to leave. I was very thankful that they showed me this precious secret.