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How IHF Changed My Life

By: Mengjie, Voluntourist Bali

It is my second week at Bali center, and I’m so glad that I made the decision to come here. Although the first day the kids and I are were strangers to each other, they still give me the best welcome I’ve ever had. They are so zealous and have enthusiasm for everything. At first, I thought it would be hard to remember their Indonesian names, but I’ve found that everything happens naturally. I became familiar with each kid while playing with them, learning their characteristics and fortes. They are all quick learners, always curious and passionate. They are naughty sometimes too, but always know when to stop. Most of time they just do that to play with you.

They are even my teachers sometimes. So far, they have already taught me two magic tricks and how to make a flower using tissue paper. I learned so much from them and the environment here makes me a happier and easier person. Living in cities, there are so many things that seem important, brands, a big house, makeup, which all turn out to be unnecessary once you get here. The kids love and respect you for who you are. You can definitely throw out those things that you find hard to give up, but alienate you from being yourself. It feels good and you should definitely stop hesitating and come to IHF. It will be one of the most treasured memories in your life.

Since this is the second week, I have started to have teaching tasks. My co-director gives me great advice, such as separating knowledge points to make them more understandable for kids, and try to always interact with the kids to attract their attention and let them think for themselves. What’s more, the way IHF staff work and communicate online is worth learning. All the files are in drives are clearly sorted and the Excel documents are clear and helpful. It’s a pity that as a voluntourist I don’t do online work, but overall I enjoyed my time so much and I think it is a wonderful experience to be a volunteer in an IHF center.