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Five reasons to hate Bali

By: Santiago, Voluntourist Bali

Nowadays, all of us usually prepare our voyages through seeking information on the web about the places we are curious about. But even when we find many positive reviews, we often focus our attentions to the negative ones. Nowhere is perfect! It is true; there is no perfect place because there are so many differences between the places we know and the places we would like to know. This can be even more complicated if we are talking about volunteering.

The internet makes it easy to find information, but still you have your own doubts and insecurities. So let us address some head-on. Below are some good reasons why to hate Bali and why you should not join the IHF Centre.

1- You like the cold weather.

Ok, forget about coming. The heat here is all-year round, though the nights are warm and the mornings are fresh enough to take an early walk. But throughout the rest of the day, you will experience heat hot enough for you to want to refresh yourself though taking a bath in the pool or at the beach, drinking delightful juices, or joking with other people under the shadow of a tree… So, if you do not like heat, this is not your place – no perfect for you.

2- You are shy and do not like to talk with other people.

Really, really…Don’t come here or around! Definitely, this place is not perfect for you. There are quite a lot of wonderful things in this island but the people here is the most wonderful of all. Maybe you’ve read about the charm of the Balinese people before, but let me tell you it will surpass your expectations. The people here have such good manners and they make you feel so comfortable and safe. It has no possible comparison with anywhere else. And you can multiply that by one hundred percent if we’re talking about Balinese kids. So, if you don’t want to know new people, if you prefer not to say good morning to people you have not met yet, if you don’t want to be informed, advised, guided, carried, helped or whatever…this is not a perfect place for you.

3- “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home”

If that’s your main idea when you’re abroad then don’t leave home. The place you are going to find here is going to be quite different from home; it will give you another perspective of life.

4- Bail is an overexploited, touristy place.

If this means that, for you, Bali is not wild enough, I only can say: rent a bike and enjoy the traffic. But if it means that you think that the touristic exploitation reduces the problems of natives to give education and opportunities to their children, you are really confused about that. The overexploitation causes serious damages to their environment and unbalances the social systems in place here. In a place like this, even if you are pretty clever, if the most important industry only requires waitresses, cleaners and gardeners, you will find a limit in the public education that only allows you those kinds of jobs.

Helping the children improve their education is necessary, as it prepares the people for the day when their situations change and the wild environment you love recovers.

5- ” I am only interested in my own.”

Be mature or get lost!