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Five reasons to hate Bali

By: Santiago, Voluntourist Bali Nowadays, all of us usually prepare our voyages through seeking information on the web about the places we are curious about. But even when we find many positive reviews, we often focus our attentions... Read more >

How IHF Changed My Life

By: Mengjie, Voluntourist Bali It is my second week at Bali center, and I’m so glad that I made the decision to come here. Although the first day the kids and I are were strangers to each other, they still give me the best welcome I’ve... Read more >

Inspiration and Secret Spaces

By: Innocent, Work-Study Nakuru The mood at the Nakuru centre has settled down. It seems like we have become accustomed to each other.  I have settled into the lifestyle, and it almost seems like home now. From a TED Talk night, movie night,... Read more >

Artists in the Making

By: Kristine, Co-Director Aceh We have been having so much fun with our 4th grade class!  They have had a few special activities recently that have brought out their artistic tendencies. First, we did origami with them, making paper frogs. ... Read more >

A Week Full of New Events

By: Deanna, Work-Study Thailand This week at IHF Chiang Rai our mango trees are ripe and ready to be eaten. Several times this week we have seen Arisa, Jiraporn and Nupon, climb the trees in the backyard to pick fresh mangos for everyone to eat. On... Read more >