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Famine Feed

Location: Nakuru
Orphan: No

Due to present extreme conditions in Kenya resulting from the past drought, we are currently conducting a famine feed 2-3 times a year, costing an average of USD $600.00 each. This feeds over 1,000 people, mostly women and children. These famine feeds are conducted out in desert areas of nomadic tribes.

Once we determine which populations we work with are in most need we organize famine feeds where we divide the purchased maize and vegetables amongst the poor.

Many of the poor who receive food from this program have to walk all day to get their two handfuls of maize and vegetables. Unfortunately, we never have enough food. We serve children and mothers first but never have enough for all who need it and it is heart wrenching to have to turn people away when the food runs out.

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Program: GEN
Type: General
Location: Nakuru