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Medan Center, Indonesia

IHF operates an Education Center in the Indonesian city of Medan. The IHF Medan Center continuously has the highest number of students attending classes on a regular basis. The Center holds daily English, computer and math classes for students from SD1 level (first year primary school) to SMA (senior high school) level. There are also TEP students who live in Patumbak, a small, impoverished village outside of Medan.

Medan is the 3rd largest city in Indonesia—the largest Indonesian city outside Java. The city has diverse communities, reflecting its history, and is home to many tribes including the Bataknese, Javanese, Melayunese, Chinese, Indian, Acehnese and Padangnese. No other city in Indonesia has the unique cultural diversity that Medan offers.

Many of our students are raised in single-parent families, either by single mothers (with deceased fathers) who work as housemaids, or by pedi-cab drivers and other laborers who make below-living wages. It is difficult for these people to offer their family financial security when their entire income is solely dependent on whether they are able to find customers each day. Some of our students have no other option but to live with their grandparents after abandonment by their parents.

IHF Medan’s goal is to help the children from these impoverished families be the next great leaders, empowering them by giving them knowledge and confidence. The aim is to encourage their academic and social development, helping raise them into adults who will be competitive applicants for successful positions within society and allowing them to break the poverty trap their families live in. Teachers are trained in motivating our shy students to not be afraid to ask questions, to speak publicly, think creatively, and reach for new heights.