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Jakarta Center, Indonesia

The IHF Jakarta Center is located in an eastern suburb of the Indonesian capital city. The Center is in a fairly large house in a quiet street of private houses. IHF Jakarta is home to a small number of children and acts as an education Center, running English, math, Aflatoun and computer classes on a daily basis.

In any capital, huge disparities between people from different socio-economic backgrounds can be quite prevalent, and Jakarta is no different. Most of the children who attend the Center come from impoverished families, often travelling 1-2km on foot to get to the Center. However, most are in reasonably good health, are well nourished, and receive loving care from their parents and relatives.

About 25% to 50% of our students are born to non-Jakartan parents. These families lack the support from immediate family members, and the children often miss a year of school during the transition period when the family is moving from their hometowns to Jakarta. Sometimes, the children only come to Jakarta months or years later, after the parents have settled into their new life in the capital. These children often have a hard time adapting to the new city schooling system. If the family suddenly finds themselves struggling financially, they may then send the children back to the village once more, which unfortunately disrupts their educational progress.

To tackle this issue, IHF Jakarta has strived to maintain long-lasting relations and collaborate with the local and expat community for a continuous influx of teaching volunteers to instruct students on different academic levels. The volunteers also hold a variety of classes and workshops, providing students with the opportunity to experience a full-rounded education in all subjects. The Center provides dance classes on Saturday and craft classes during the week.